I Am Doing This!

Jewellery #1
Jewellery #1 (Photo credit: *Amanda Richards)

I just opened my etsy story for my paintings and jewelry, called “Imaginative and Beyond”. You can look it up at www.etsy.com.

I had Chinese food for lunch today. A fortune cookie says, “You use your creative talents to transform a business environment.”

I strongly believe what that motto says.


The Comparison of “Life-Styles of 1984 to 2019”

The rainbow was a sign from God.
The rainbow is a symbol of gay pride.

Queer was rejected by gay and straight.
Queer is now accepted by LGBT.

The most feminine guys had dated most women.
The most feminine guy is a woman.

The social network was outside.
The social network is online.

Every classroom had textbooks.
Every classroom have computers, no textbooks.

Spanking a child was the cure for bad behavior.
Giving a child medication controls the bad behavior.

James Evans Sr. was a “real father”.
James Evans Sr. is an illusion.

Martial Arts was a kick-ass film.
Action Pack is a kiss-ass cameos.

Saturday cartoons was our TV time in the morning.
Being online is all day long.

Dynasty was every woman’s fantasy for prime time drama.
Empire is most women’s turn-offs evening drama.

The Cosby Show had positive images for career-oriented women.
Blackish is the modern-day family more like us.

The nerds were the class of outcast.
Autism is the class of ‘their own”.

Rock stars played their own musical instruments.
Rap stars sample from the original artists.

Grandmaster Flash educated the youth about the truth in America.
Rap artists are misleading our youth, it is okay to disrespect your mother.

Crack hit on us, no one cares.
Heroin hits everyone else, they opened-up rehab centers.

State hospitals kept us away from everyone else.
Homeless shelters are the new psych-hospitals.

OJ was the star jock you own.
Colin is the jock, you disown.

Mr. T pitied the fool.
Terry Crews guides these fools.

Baby Boomers became the most official established working class.
Baby Boomers are still the most established citizens.

Before Boomers have said they will make the time.
Boomers barely make the time.

You can retired only on Social Security.
Social Security is not enough to retired.

Teen pregnancy was an embarrassment.
Teenage pregnancy is prevented.

Hookers were getting 7 years.
Bad teachers are getting 7 years.

Bad mothers needed serious counselling.
Bad mothers are doing lifetime sentences without parole.

MTV played rock videos all day.
MTV plays reality TV shows all day.

Jeopardy was on the air. You had to win 5 times to become undefeated champion.
Jeopardy maybe off the air. You could win all the time until you are dropped.

No TV after midnight.
TV is 24/7.

Infomercials had their own channel.
Infomercials played at certain time of the day.

WWE were all mostly male wrestlers.
WWE have mainly sexy female wrestlers.

When Michael Jackson was alive, “Thriller” was a major hit.
After death, “Off the Wall” plays often on the radio.
The Gabor Sisters were really acting.
The Kardashians Sisters cannot act at all.
Wendy’s had real beef.
Wendy’s hamburgers are not beef at all

Chic and Levis were the coolest jeans.
Skinny jeans are too tight, and do not look right.

Baggy pants were awesome.
Saggy pants are not good at all.

Red dresses were hot.
Red dresses are not so hot.

Cotton was the ideal fabric, made in USA.
Polyester is the fabric, made in China.

Clothes used to last for three years, or forever.
Clothes today are good for three months, and throw them away.

Slim women without curves were great.
Curvy women are fabulous in many forms.

A happy woman was looking for love.
A happy woman is enjoying being single.

Getting married was all about love.
Getting married is all about reputation and self-security.

A real man used to date.
A real man will not ask any woman for a date anymore.

American Dream was an advertisement to every immigrant.
American Dream becomes a nightmare for most of us.

America was about capitalism, China was communist.
America is becoming a communism, and China is a new capitalist nation.

Mexicans emigrant to East L.A.
The whole country feels like we are born in East L.A.

Gas price was 87 cents.
Gas prices is now over $2.50.
As a little black girl, I was looking forward to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.
As an individual black woman in 2019, I really do not want to celebrate Thanksgiving anymore.

To My Future Self

To my future self,

I know that I am the “crazy” one, the “odd-girl-out”, but I came from a very long way.

You beat every obstacle that held you back.

You continue to rise beyond the horizon.

Having a mental illness is not defining who you are.

Mental illness is what you have just like cancer and diabetes.

Having a mental illness is something you cannot change.

For loving yourself, is something I have learned to accept.

To my future self,

Mental illness is not a choice, ignorance is.

Know why?……Because STIGMA is an ugly word.

May is a Mental Health Awareness month.

Last day of May is…..MY BIRTHDAY ….YAY!!!!!

Growing Up as a Woman of Color is not Easy: As a Spiritual Believer

Growing Up as a Woman of Color Is Not Easy: As a Spiritual Believer

Me: Pastor, I am in need of employment so I can get back on my feet.
Pastor: I cannot help you because you are not a “member of my church”.
Me: Someone, refer me to you.
Pastor: Come to church, I will talk to you.

Results: Pastor, was only interested in you to attend church. He is not interested in your time.

Me: Pastor, I need some information about getting some help with my electric bill.
Pastor: Come to church, I will talk to you.

Results: Pastor does not have time, he told a member to take you home.


Me: Pastor, I have a friend, who is in need for an emergency shelter, an employment, a shower, clothes for a job interview, and a hearty meal. In fact, he/she has a criminal record. It is a weekend, he/she needs a referral.
Pastor: I have someone I want you to meet, but you need to come to church.

Results: None

Pastor: I have tickets for a church banquet next Friday. I am selling for $100.
Me: Pastor, I am broke!

Results: You are broke, some pastors has been avoiding all the time.


Has anyone experience this? No wonder, I stopped attending church for eight long years.

When I asked for someone that looks like me in the community. He advised me to stop asking pastors for help, especially black pastors. They do not care about us, it all about them. He told me that he trust the barber more than he trust black churches.

He explained to me that if your grandmother paid her tithes more than 20 years. He also had asked me, “Did the church paid your tuition or books for college?”
I answered “No”.
He asked again, “Did the church help your grandmother when a family member incarcerated?”
I answered, “No”.

He finally asked me, “Did anyone form your grandmother’s church went to visit her when she is shut-in?”

I answered, “Barely.”

“Black pastors are not concerned about us, only tithes. They have been generated nearly one trillion dollars. They never will help, you. They barely help the children in our community. They will not help the homeless in our neighborhoods. They will never send a need family member to see their love ones in prison. They will never support the faithfully elderly members who invested into the church. Overall, they never care for your grandmother. That’s why unemployment is so high in our neighborhood. I trust the ‘barber’ the most.”

I asked him, “why?”

He answered, “The barbershop is the only black-own business that gives back. They sponsor free haircuts for school-age kids. They sponsor local sports-teams. They sponsor under-privilege kids to participate in the after-school programs. The barbershop provide information for resources. The barbershop will hire an ex-felon. The loyal barber advertise other black business in the community.”

Now I know why many of us stop trusting the preacher. I say still “Trust in God. Put God first. Blessings will come. My suggestions to pastors (our familiar acquaintance): “Practice what you preach”.




Advice to Good Managers

What is the best advice for a good manager when they fire a “job hungry seeker”; when it may come to poor job performances for a very short period of time?


E-Evaluate an employee, based  on strengths and barriers by using a positive judgement.

D– Direct them with confidence, and guide him/her with gratitude.

U-Understand what the employee is telling you what are his/her struggles, understand what could have been their job preference.

C- Be compassionate, and show some empathy. Many job seekers are working hard looking for better job with better pay.

A- Always asks questions, and be an active listener.

T- Train. Ask them do they need an additional training or a thorough training.

E– Empathy, Allow your employee explain more, (but not too personal). As a good manager, offer referrals if you know any networks or an acquaintance (outside of your company).

This may show that you may gain a great reputation, great customer service, a good job seeker, a great employer, etc.  Please remember, the employee you fired, will thank you later.


Starting in 2018, “My New Year’s Resolution Should Have Been My On-Going Resolution.”

  1. Love and Honor God
  2. Save money.
  3. Maintain my home.
  4. Do not buy unnecessary material things, unless needed.
  5. Clean-up my credit.
  6. Lose more weight.
  7. Eat Healthy
  8. Excerise
  9. Drink more water
  10. Hangout with positive people
  11. Avoid closed-minded individuals
  12. Avoid club hopping.
  13. Invest in mutual funds.
  14. Plan to buy a home.
  15. Create better products for my business.
  16. Build a trust fund for my son.
  17. Direct a local play.
  18. Increase my income.
  19. Get off of government assistance, hopefully.
  20. Become more self-suffient
  21. Invest in a passport
  22. Travel out of Ohio.
  23. Get my business moving for this summer.
  24. Leave corporate business consultants alone like Mary Kay and Tupperware.
  25. Close the connections, if they mean “no good”.
  26. Maintain healthy relationships.
  27. Read more.
  28. Watch less TV.
  29. Avoid video games.
  30. Cutback on entertainment spending, unless I participate.

“When I was born in mid-1970s” By Melinda Davis

I was born in 1975, Brady Bunch were re-runs, my father was James Evans, my one was uncle is JJ. Thelma was the only black female teen idol. George Jefferson moved-on-up and finally have his piece of the American Pie, Bye-Bye is the day that we will die. My pet was a rock, or a candy that pops. Pepsi can was a quarter, and a Big Mac was really big. Ronald McDonald lost a lot of weight. We ate Post Brand flakes and Kellogg’s cereal have the Product 19 or Most flakes, Do not mistaken flakes with Head ‘n Shoulders, or Purell have gooey thick green shampoo. Farrah Fawcett rocks out with her mane in Charlie’s Angels solving murder mysteries. Adult Film Stars have Big Bush and hairy mustaches, President Carter’s Brother drank Billy Beer, Clint Eastwood was Dirty Harry, and Charles Bronson did had his wish, Kojak solved crimes, the White Shadow coached basketball in the hood. Fat Albert said Hey, Hey ,Hey, so did Dwayne on What’s Happening to Coolidge and Cooley High, their principal was really married to the pimp named Sweet Daddy, but he retired by delivering mail to the barber who yelled, “That’s My Momma”. Fred G. Sanford was the real dummy. Richard Dawson kissed every women on his game show. Match game was very nasty with Gene Rivers. That’s when I was born in mid-1970s.

Toby’s real name is Kunta Kinte. His foot was cut off in half. Ruby Dee played the original Queen Haley. Ossie Davis worked on the train. Irene Cara Sparkled, Richard Pryor needed to know, Which Way is up? Kiss was hot, so was Tom Jones. Chic sings Le Freak, they excused their French Christopher Reeve made the Superman a hit, Lynda Carter starred as the Wonder Woman. Justice League were called the Superfriends. They called the mascot the Wonder Dog, but he was replaced by the monkey, Gleek. Dog Wonder was the sidekick of the Blue Falcon, cousin of Bruce Wayne. Star Wars the biggest Sci-Fi franchise. What you talking about Willis is still standing. The Price is Right was wrong after they hired Tom Kennedy to replaced Dennis James. Doritos was the best tasting tortilla chips Lays laid flat, Prinkles was crunchy in the can so was Planters cheese balls. Tang was our daily breakfast drink, we drank orange juice only on Sundays with pancakes and bacon. Spiral graph was a good way to draw. They’re too many copy cats of mystery Inc. There are too many Shaggy look-a-likes. Mumby is the new Muttley. Dredd Baron is Dick Dastardly’s twin brother. Laff-a-lympics was a waste of cartoon. Flintstones were not the same as the original. Velma Dinkley’s older sisters had a large dog name Dinky. They only appeared on the Popeye’s series. The sidekicks in Hanna Barbara cartoon were the real cowardly heroes. That’s when I was born in mid-1970s.

Cookie Crisp were actually chocolate chip cookies, the elephant was with the Captain Crunch. Lucky Charms were not so lucky. School House Rock played cool music. American Bandstand I was allow to watch, but Soul Train I had to take an afternoon nap. Good Times, my family are getting cradle rip-offs at the disco. Even Donald Duck had a disco hit with the Village People. Donna Summer rule the disco, so did the Bee Gees. Vinnie Barbarino was the leader of the Sweat Hogs and Mr. Kotter became his favorite teacher. Chopper took great care of his teeth. Mr. Yuk Mouth was a mucus. Horror movies were actually scary. Clowns were scarier than Michael Myers. Most horror movies were actually true situations. Of course Leather face from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Linda Blair was possessed by demons, she later developed many adolescent problems, but she was born innocent. MASH lasted throughout the whole decade. Acid rock could be heavy metal or punk rock. Access to coke was at the disco nightclubs. Hookers were happy, pimps were mad. Jody Foster gave-up Pippy, and started pimping herself at 13. Martin Sheen wants to blackmail her. Jayne Kennedy was the spokesperson for TAB cola, the original Diet Coke. Little House on the Prairie, Laura Ingalls became friends with bad girl, Nelly Olson. Summit was the old Twix. Red Barn has the best burgers. Kenny Kings the original Kentucky Fried Chicken, they did chicken right. We only had three channels. Our social network was outside. I was fine playing in my backyard without an adult supervision. Dilly Bar was a quarter. We recycled Pepsi Bottles. Hubba Bubba had flavorful bubble gum. Bubble Yum lasted in your mouth less than five minutes. Solid Gold host Dionne Warwick who sang Déjà Vu. Michael Jackson took off with Off the Wall. Earth Wind & Fire as I Am, Kool and the Gang hit it big with Ladies Night. Little Prince won his big gig against Rick James with You and I. Teena Marie was a sucka for his love. When the street lights came on, it was our curfew. Street life of the night was when the Boogie Mans comes out. The Warriors were the good gang. Pam Grier was the black bold, the bond, and the beautiful with her afro. Tamera Dobson took charge. Richard Roundtree was the Shaft, Huggy Bear solved crimes better than Starsky and Hutch. Mrs. Garret left the Drummonds and took a job as a house mother in New Jersey with seven rich girls. Tootie was a sweet girl, but she is a snitch. Her real mother abused Penny aka. Janet Jackson with a hot iron. Penny changed her name to Charlene and dated Willis. Tootie double-dated Arnold. The kids made more money than the actors on The Jeffersons. Benson was the butler before he was appointed to a Lt. Governor. That’s when I was born in the mid-1970s

Introducing: The Models X-Change: “The Breaking of the Exclusion”

If you are a big fan of 1980s era,  I wrote a play that is a crossover between “Trading Places” & “Crossroads”.   The play is about two women: Christi Parcell, a rising selfish supermodel who has it all, meets up with a homeless starving plus-size woman, Minnie Rooks; who wants a break of fame. They both get caught up with scandalous talent agent, Tara Sparks who offers them a deal to exchange. They seek support from an old blues singer, Freddie “Blue Redds” Williams, and owners of restaurant, and a friend Arsella Jones.  The three characters are dealing with the devils in disguise, Duke Drakes who wants their souls. Will they turn back to their old ways or develop a new foundation?

“Regini, the Genie” a poem or a rap

Speaking based on experience with peer pressure

Imaginations of Expressions

Regini, the Genie
(Poem or Rap Lyrics)
By Melinda Davis

Regini the genie, an odd girl’s foe
She’s the kind you’ll see on a reality show
She’s the queen of chaos from head to toe
Your girl’s worst nightmare, that’s for sho’
Cold hearted woman, who hits ya’ for a 187
Best believe, you will not see, when you get to heaven
Regini, the genie, who never lives in her bottle
Her tongue spits off, you’ll be torn to the gutter
She’s a she-wolf in wool, Miss hot vixen, scapegoat you are
She drains your life up, she never suffers without the struggle
If she comes around you, you’ll end up in trouble
Regini, the genie, she’s outta’ control dream killa’
She’s the mistress from the darkside who conquers your world
Regini, the Genie, once any so-called friend of mine
Don’t let her in, or she’ll blow you until you…

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